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Do Large Clinical Trials Adequately Consider Individual Patient Physiology? Debating The RELIEF Study

By Michael Keane, BMBS, FANZCA and Shashikanth Manikappa, MD, DNB, FANZCA
February 21, 2019

Patient safety requires a well-informed debate about the rationale of large, randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and whether, by their very nature, they can adequately consider the unique physiology of every individual patient. 

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WAKE-UP Time for Thrombolysis in Acute Stroke?

28 mm Warlord Woodland Indian War Party

By Martina McGrath, MD
October 30, 2018

MRI thrombolysis for stroke of unknown time of onset

STAR COLLECTING DEATHWATCH 70-39 (Games Workshop Warhammer 40K) NEWWarhammer 40,000 40k - Space Marines - Dreadnought - Plastic X1 - Lot-107 GamesWarhammer 40,000 Eldar Dark Reapers GW 46-42 NIB

Prior studies have suggested a particular pattern may be seen on an MRI of the brain in the early hours following stroke onset; a visible ischemic lesion on diffusion-weighted imaging along with the lack of a hyperintense signal in the same area on fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR). The benefit of aggressive stroke intervention in patients with the combination of unknown time of symptom onset and this particular signal mismatch on MRI brain scans is unknown. Continue reading “WAKE-UP Time for Thrombolysis in Acute Stroke?”

28mm Bolt Action Chain Of Command German Opel Blitz Open Top - Painted

By Olivier Lucar
October 16, 2018

Warhammer 40k Deathworld Eldritch Ruins GWS 64-05 NIBWarhammer 40k Kill Team - Rogue Trader Expansion (102-43-60) NIBWarhammer Age of Sigmar Centigor Herd GW Resin NIBWarhammer AOS 1 of a Kind chaos bloodbound ogres PRO-PAINTEDWarhammer Warmaster Empire Grand Theogenist on War Altar OOP28mm Bolt Action Chain Of Command Soviet Infantry Painted 10 Figures R1

28mm Early Imperial Roman Scorpion - Painted & Based

By Connor Emdin
September 26, 2018

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Restrictive versus Liberal Fluid Therapy in Abdominal Surgery

By Connor Emdin
August 28, 2018

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Epinephrine in Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Increased Survival but at What Cost?

By Martina McGrath, MD
August 8, 2018

It is estimated that 1 in every 7.5 people in the US will die of sudden cardiac death.28mm WW2 german - 1 tank - vehicles (24903) Survival following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest has increased in recent years, from 10.2% in 2006, to 12.4% in 2015.1 However, only 9% of those surviving to hospital discharge were classified as having good functional status. Therefore, significant long-term neurologic impairment is a common outcome of cardiac arrest. Continue reading “Epinephrine in Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Increased Survival but at What Cost?”

Cervical Cancer Screening Using HPV Testing Alone: Are We There Yet?

878 Vikings - Invasions of England - Viking Age Expansion

By Martina McGrath, MD
July 18, 2018

1985 Undead ME72 Sword 5 Dead Men of Dunharrow Lord of the Ring Skeleton CitadelGames Workshop Aragorn Lord Of The RingsGames Workshop Lord of the Rings Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Rules ManualGames Workshop Rohan Dice Cube Warhammer 40k D6 Set LoTR Lord of the Rings New AGAINST THE ODDS - JOURNAL & BOARD WARGAME - GUNS OF THE ASKARI - WW1

bavarian colonial 25mm - (22787) inf - inf figs 24 line 3cf40azct72930-Toys & Games

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25mm colonial   bavarian - line 24 figs inf - inf (22787)

Dulaglutide in Type 2 Diabetes: Do GLP-1 agonists delay progression of diabetic nephropathy?

BNIB Bolt Action Blitzkrieg German Army

By Connor Emdin
June 27, 2018

Lord of the rings action figure ARAGORN SPECIAL EDITION COLLECTOR LOTR NEW MINTLotr 28mm uruk hai Lurtz (Painted) metal by games workshopMetal Elf LA Spearmen - OOP - LOTR Warhammer Lord of the Rings X335NEW Lord of the Rings Warhammer Gandalf the White Peregrin Took Foot mounted h Bolt Action WWII British Infantry

Procalcitonin-Guided Antibiotic Therapy in Lower Respiratory Tract Infection: Is It Safe?


By Martina McGrath, MD
June 5, 2018

The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring NEW ON SPRUES [ENG, 2001]Warhammer LOTR Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Zirak Zigil - handmade & painted FATTY BURSTERS ZOMBICIDE GREEN HORDE - COOL MINI OR NOT

Flames of War British Airborne Mortar Platoon 15mm Painted

Warhammer Man O War Dwarf Dreadnought x 2 - OOP Metal

By Lea Borgi, MD
May 16, 2018

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